Terms and conditions of use

This agreement describes the terms and conditions governing the services available and the use of this site.

In order to be a user, you must read and agree unconditionally with all the terms and conditions contained in this agreement.

Intellectual property rights

The fivetn.com software is owned by FIVETN SRL and specializes in online services, websites, online stores, SEO, online promotion (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google Adwords).

Original ideas, the appearance and organization of this site is internationally recognized and protected and can not be used by other individuals or institutions to provide similar services.

FIVETN SRL may without prior notice suspend or discontinue your access to the content of the site without motivating this action.

General conditions of use

Our services can be used as any type of user who owns a business or intends to develop one with us. Inside the platform, bid requests can be sent, with a Fivetn operator taking over that request and responding by e-mail or telephone. Also using the chat system used, the client can choose to communicate in a very simplistic way with a Fivetn consultant to find out details of the services we offer.

Requests for price offers

These can be requested by phone on the numbers displayed on the website, using the offer request form, or through the chat system. The applicant has the obligation to provide accurate and concrete data on the desired project. If the provided cards are not complete, they can not receive the price offer, or Fivetn may ask for additional details using the data provided, either your phone number or your email address.

Privacy of data

The personal information you use to benefit from the services of this software and those of your activity are confidential, protected by security systems and will only be used to ensure its functionality according to the rules of use provided on the site . For details on the use of personal data, please go to the Privacy Policy. These provisions are in line with the legal provisions in force.

Final terms

This Agreement is fully subject to Romanian law and may be modified without your consent. The changes will be notified on the first page of the site and will be applicable from the date of the public notice, except for changes to the financial terms of use of the site, which can only enter into force for the year following that in which they were made public.

In any case where you have objections or reservations to any of the provisions of this Agreement and the changes that may occur, you are required to cease immediately from using our services.

For information or clarification of some misunderstandings you can write to the email presented in the CONTACT section!

The user expressly declares that he fulfills all the legal requirements required to use our services, that he fully understands the provisions of this agreement and fully understands the way the services offered through our site operate.

                                                                                Fivetn SRL