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Developer Wanted

private $fivetnDeveloperJob = true;
private $fivetnEmail = "contact@fivetn.com";
public function findJob($yourEmail, $message) {
if ($this->fivetnDeveloperJob)
$this->sendEmail($yourEmail, $fivetnEmail, $message);

  • Person able to implement and complete projects independently.
  • Knowledge of HTML / CSS / Java
  • Script / jQuery / PHP / Bootstrap
  • DB MySql administration

-Passionate of the field in which you work;
– Great initiative spirit;
-Persistent to seek and find solutions;
-Team player;
-You have the skills to analyze, plan, organize and prioritize your activity;

  • Fixed salary
  • Consistent performance bonuses form completed projects
  • Different projects, often with a high degree of complexity
  • Great comrades
  • Nice and colorful workspace
  • Flexible schedule (you have the possibility to work from home, or on the beach or wherever you want)
  • Periodic team buildings

We are impatient to meet you and to see you portfolio. Send your resume to contact@fivetn.com and we will contact you.