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Welcome to Fivetn.com.
Dear user, please read carefully and responsibly the material below, created and vetted by the Fivetn team and made available to all users and visitors equally. The following outlines terms and conditions of use in regards to all material available on the website. Your presence and use of the website indicated your direct agreement  to the terms of use of the Fivetn.com platform.

Ownership and copyright rights

‘Fivetn.com’ is a privately-own platform. All actions and transactions undertaken through the website have to respect local laws and also follow the rules outlined in the “Terms & Conditions” part of the website.
Fivetn is a privately own, exclusive brand, registered through O.S.I.M, and can be used in the public domain, privately or online, only by its founder, Fivetn S.R.L. Any software, complete or partial, logo, images, characters, phrases, models, computer systems or operational platforms found on the website are considered private property and their usage to any other end without the explicit, written approval of Fivetn S.R.L. is forbidden.


  • Fivetn.COM is an online platform where users can buy or sell products and services with prices between $5 and $10 (US Dollars).
  • Access and membership on Fivetn.com are free.
  • A product or service created or bought on Fivetn is called a ‘Job’.
  • Jobs created on Fivetn have a fixed price and these prices are between 5 and 10 dollars. It is nevertheless possible to create extra options within the same Job in order to encourage discount buys and favor users that only need bigger quantities.
  • Only registered users with an active account can buy or sell on Fivetn.com
  • We are very concerned about your privacy, which is why we respect it and discourage all spam, illegal marking, and other such attempts to the ill-use of data.
  • Fivetn is not responsible for possible violations of copyright or property laws through the upload of a picture by one of Fivetn users. Fivetn is under no obligation to verify if a document uploaded on the platform breaches copyright laws. Fivetn uses the User Generated Content system.

Buyers & Sellers

  • Any seller that creates and sells a Job with a value of 5$ receives in his account 4$ after successful completion of the Job.
  • Fivetn takes a 20% commission from each sale. This commission is justified by Fivetn being the guarantor of a transaction’s funds, keeping an escrow-type service, dealing with and mediating online fees, bank fees, withdrawal fees when a user is withdrawing fund to his bank account, publicity, and others.
  • Buyers make payment for their orders to Fivetn in advance.
  • The moment the buyer receives a product or service delivered by the seller and he confirms having received such product or service, Fivetn by the intermediary of Paypal releases the sum into the seller’s account, minus a 20% commission of the total value of the product or service.
  • Sellers can withdraw their account balance to their bank accounts at any moment using Paypal.
  • If a Job is cancelled (for any reason), money are transferred in the account of the buyer at soon as the event is recorded.

Sellers and Buyers can use their income in the Fivetn account in order to buy other products and services on the site.


Fivetn protects its users privacy, thus does not make public their email addresses or personal details, therefore it is forbidden:

  • To publish email addresses, Skype IDs, Yahoo, MSN or Facebook IDs, links or phone numbers on the Fivetn.com website.
  • Any transfer of information, in the forms of messages or documents, or any other communication, is to be made through the Fivetn website and not any other platform.
  • Publishing of vulgar messages, dirty pictures, spam, inadequate or abusive behavior, disrespecting property and copyright rights, attracts immediate and irrevocable suspension of the account and a fine is applicable as specified in the T&Cs.


  • Shipping and Freight costs are paid for by the buyer at the time of the transaction. Cost differs in function of the weight of the package and the destination. Some products may not be available in some areas due to seller’s specifications.

Fivetn does not assume responsibility for the quality of the products, but acts as a mediator in the case of a dispute.


How does it work?
It’s simple and SAFE.
Fivetn has developed different systems so that communication between users, transactions and sales to be as simple, safe and convenient as possible. Fivetn has a mediator (escrow) role between the seller and buyer.

How does it work for services?
The buyer buys (pays for) a Job in which a service is described (ie: no physical shipping).
As soon as the order comes in, the seller is automatically notified by email of the incoming order, and given the deadline to complete it, as specified in his item’s description.
When the Seller begins working on the project, he confirms this by clicking on ‘Job Started’, button which can found in the ‘My Desk’ area of the account holder’s profile. The buyer is automatically notified that the seller has started work on his project.
When the Seller is ready with the order, he sends the contents of the completed job through the Fivetn website and clicks on another button: ‘Job Completed’. Buyer then has the duty to check whether the Job is per his specifications, and if it is, he has the OBLIGATION to click on ‘Confirm Delivery’. At that moment, the seller gets the project fee for this Job, minus  the 20% commission taken by Fivetn.
With this system, Fivetn guarantees the buyer’s funds against any fraud or scam. Fivetn acts thus as an escrow service between seller and buyer.

How does it work for products?
The method of work and payment release are the same as with services, extra conditions are as follows:
If the buyer purchases a product with a value of up to 10$, and the weight of the package is up to 1kg, then the seller has to pay 5$ more for shipping though the shipping service chosen by the seller to the destination.
The seller is notified that someone purchased his product, receives address details and has the obligation to send the product as soon as possible.
After the seller picks up the package and confirms delivery through the Fivetn platform (after picking up the package, buyer has a window of 48 hours to confirm receiving it, otherwise the Job is marked as incomplete and buyer has no right to recourse), the seller receives the sum due for the transaction, minus a 20% Fivetn fee.

Earnings Transfer

  • Profits made on Fivetn transactions can be withdrawn after a period of 14 days after the job has been confirmed by the buyer.
  • The procedure lasts 14 days as Fivetn does not have direct access to the sum, it being transferred by the payment processor (Paypal). Thus  the sum is kept as a protection, in order to solve any possible disputes over the transactions.
  • For each withdrawal, the seller will be charged a 2% processing fee solely by Paypal. This sum does not reach Fivetn and is only a commission imposed by Paypal.
  • Profits made on Fivetn can only be withdrawn into a Paypal account and later on, from there, in your bank account
  • In the ‘My Account’ section, there is a link called ‘Withdraw Funds’.
  • Your Fivetn account can only be associated with one single Paypal account.

User Conduct

As an user of Fivetn.com, you understand and agree with the following responsibilities:

  • To respect the Terms and Conditions of Fivetn platform fully and completely, at all times.
  • To scan documents prior to uploading them in order to detect possible viruses, Fivetn cannot be made responsible for damages done by a corrupted file sent through the website.
  • To use an appropriate and friendly language when dealing with other users, sellers and buyers alike.
  • To not spam or advertise unwanted content on Fivetn.
  • To be vigilant and let Fivetn support know of any breaches of Terms & Conditions or problems on the site.
  • To provide truthful and exact personal and contact information, especially regarding billing and delivery dates.
  • To  maintain and update, when needed, this information, so that the data is accurate, exact and complete.

Problems & Issues


  • Does not respect the terms and conditions of use of the Fivetn.com platform
  • Creates problems to other users
  • Publishes forbidden information such as email addresses, links, IDs of Skype or instant messaging, phone numbers and other contact information outside of the Fivetn website.
  • Uses an indecent and harmful language.
  • Uses pornographic images or images with an explicit sexual connotation
  • Does not fulfill his seller obligations taken by the creation of a Job and the sale of the said job to other users, and does so purposefully. (An unfulfilled Job obliges Fivetn to return funds to the Buyer’s accounts, and Fivetn is guarantor for any commissions derived from this action).

All of the above bring on the suspension and elimination of the account permanently, as well as fines which can amount to the totality of the funds on the Fivetn account.

Any problem has a solution, so we encourage to use our Customer Service department, where you can explain any issues and where we’ll find a solution for you, guaranteed!

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