Fivetn has created a system of user appreciation. This system is in direct relationship with a user’s activity on site, their reviews and quality of service.

The appreciation system is operated by the administration of Fivetn, and it constantly analyses the history of users worthy of advancement. More stars next to your username give you more promotion on the website. A better promotion on the website means better sales.

Level 1. Rookie

This is the level with which any user begins. It can be identified by the white colour surrounding your profile picture. The status of Rookie is reached upon registering on

Level 2. Moustache

This level is reached after 30 days of activity and minimum 15 transactions made. It can be identified by the yellow circle around your profile picture.

Level 3. Captain

This level is reached once a user has 50 or more transactions on the website. It’s a medium level which recommends you with the experience of a captain. This level is recognisable through a green circle around your avatar.

Level 4. The Consul

This level proves you have enough experience to earn you the status of ‘counsellor’ for anybody using the Fivetn platform. You have over 100 transactions on the site and 100% positive rating. This level can be identified by a blue circle around your profile picture.

Level 5. Ambassador

You become a Fivetn ambassador! Level 5 is reached upon completion of 200 transactions or more, and is the maxim level that can be reached by a user. This level is awarded with the compliments of the Fivetn Team. We’ll add five stars to you profile and the black colour around your profile picture or avatar.

Level 5. Ambassador

Users who have admin status can be identified by the red circle surrounding their avatar. It is important you treat any communication coming from this type of account very seriously.

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